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Mariyana Boyanova

talaint is both an old-school believer in traditional recruitment principles and an innovative and tech-savvy talent advisor with a proven successful record in applying this mindset in a number of expert and management-level recruitment projects since 2009.

Our agency collaborates with a wide spectrum of clients, ranging from emerging market entrants to well-established companies.

As a recruitment partner, we boast extensive experience in successfully filling mid-to-senior vacancies within various industries such as logistics & supply chain, finance & accounting, engineering & manufacturing, sales & marketing, HR, retail & FMCG, hospitality and tourism, telecommunications, legal & compliance, creative and media, energy & utilities, construction & real estate, including and devoting a significant part of our work to the specific Information Technology sector and BPO industry, working both on various expert-level white-collar roles, and management positions.

Our unique talaint is a blend between 3 powerful components, that also shape up our core values

People-first approach

People-first approach with candidates, clients and our own employees. We treat people with respect, dignity and empathy. We value the human aspect of recruitment and understand the importance of establishing trust, understanding, and open communication with humans. Our team always takes the time to listen, comprehend, and align with both company’s and candidate’s goals and aspirations.

Trust in education

We have confidence in the value of education in general and when it comes to the psychological & HR academic backgrounds of our team members we always apply this priceless knowledge in our recruitment process. We recognize the value of assessing candidates’ cognitive abilities, personality traits, and behavioral tendencies to ensure the best fit for our clients. By incorporating professional psychometric testing, we provide a comprehensive and holistic evaluation, leading to more successful and fulfilling long-term placements.

Passion for efficiency & productivity

By embracing technology and automation, we free up valuable time that would otherwise be spent on repetitive tasks. This allows us to dedicate more time and attention to building relationships and providing personalized support. Through the integration of cutting-edge technologies and streamlined workflows, we ensure swift and effective outcomes without compromising quality. We understand that time is valuable, and we strive to optimize every aspect of the recruitment process.


Ultimately, our vision is to shape a future where recruitment is a harmonious blend of the human touch, educational expertise, and technological advancement.

We aspire to be a driving force behind a new era of recruitment, where individuals and organizations thrive together, propelled by the power of genuine connections, informed decisions, and exceptional opportunities.


Our mission is to redefine recruitment by prioritizing people, leveraging education, and embracing technology. 

We strive to exceed expectations, ensuring that the right talent is connected with the right opportunities, fostering success and growth for individuals and organizations alike. Together, we are shaping a future where recruitment is characterized by integrity, empathy, and efficiency.

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