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Successfully rocking the wave of knowledge is not accessible for every surfer. Especially in the modern era of constant changes we live in. Luckily, our following professional from the talant by Human Recruiters family Misho does it efficiently, even when in the Bahamas with a cocktail in hand! Blinking at us and waving his other hand while juggling all the challenges.

Misho’s vivid, but also acute awareness, ability to divide right and wrong, kindness, and wisdom are just glimpses of his skill sets. At talaint by Human Recruiters, he covers a broad spectrum of positions, and yet still, his favorites are the technical roles. If you need any kind of ERP Expert, he knows them all on the market! Add his educational background in information technology (IT) combined with a Psychology Degree to the picture and you will find one of the rarest species in the recruitment world today. 

As unique as he is, is also his hobby – namely, researching road infrastructures worldwide. When not reading about it, he will simply build one within the LEGO universe. 

Come on the journey Misho has to offer you, and let’s follow the answers he gave to the well-known now questions:

Starting with the easiest question, you’ve been given an elephant. You can’t give it away or sell it. What would you do with the elephant?

Okay, it seems like I have an elephant for life. Let’s have some fun then. I would join the circus with my elephant as a second job. I would love to bring joy to children and adults with my elephant. There is nothing better to put some smiles on the faces. I will buy food for my elephant with the profit from the performances, as she/he’ll probably eat a lot. On the holidays we’ll probably travel to India, so she/he can meet with some relatives and maybe meet the love of her/his life. If this happens, I’ll be very happy for her/him and, at the same time, sad because I’ll have to leave my friend there. Cause… well, you know, India is not my place.

What is the biggest assumption people tend to make about you — be it wrong or right?

Sometimes people tend to think I’m smart, but I’m way more curious. I like to learn things about different fields, places, and activities. At the same time, I would never allow myself to think ‘I know a lot about this or that.’

What do you love most about working in agency recruitment?

That there is no time when my curiosity starves.

What do you like least about working in agency recruitment?

Just like in any mediation activity, you never have complete control throughout events.

What do you most value in team members?

I can have fun with any of them. You can’t have a team if people are not having fun from time to time together.

What is the most overused or overrated thing that recruiting pros believe about themselves?

Since I’ve only worked in agencies so far, I’ll try to answer from that perspective. I think many agency recruiters underestimate themselves in terms of how valuable their expertise and experience are to the companies that hire them. Knowing your value is a must for every professional.

What is your current state of mind as it relates to the current state of recruiting?

Recruiting has always been a challenge. And I believe it always will be. It is an area that is suitable for people who are comfortable with feeling discomfort. As in all fields, there are good times and not-so-good times. A confident recruiter knows they can meet the challenges ahead no matter what the times are now.

If you could have dinner with any two famous people, dead or alive, who would you choose?

Jim Carrey and C.G. Jung. Probably I won’t eat a lot on these dinners as I will laugh to tears with the first one and go too deep into the thought of the second one.

Most important question: What’s your go-to karaoke song?

Tero-Rero – that says all.

Finish this sentence: Misho is…

Misho is just like you – a human being.

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