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If you’ve been paying attention in the past weeks, you’ve likely become more familiar with the Human Recruiters from talaint. Yet, behind every great team stands a leader to navigate.

Many things could be written here but let us introduce you to the founder of talaint we experience daily, shall we?

Mariyana is a vibrant and optimistic individual (important to state: coming from a town near the Danube River called Ruse). With outstanding energy, magnetism, and charisma, she has always strived to be the better version of herself and hereby be brave enough to ‘jump’ high and then higher, meaning she’s here to achieve great things.

Fun fact, she constantly does so!

As of today, she’s living her dream – to create positive changes in Bulgaria’s HR & Recruitment field and support people and companies to grow and achieve professional success beyond their imagination. But not only with hard work and passion, it is all completed. Mariyana possesses striking skills, a sharp mind, a great instinct to read people in seconds, and knows how to fit all the pieces of the human mind for excellence in no time.

So, grab a cup of strong coffee, set the mood with some good tune on, and meet this kind and compassionate persona, cursed with the burning desire to create, grow, give, achieve, and inspire.

*This is not just another successful story in Bulgaria but her own. Not only an HR leader of today, but an innovator, a Professional to guide you toward your dreams.

Mariyana Boyanova for the talaint by Human Recruiters team interview. Enjoy:

Starting with the easiest question, you’ve been given an elephant. You can’t give it away or sell it. What would you do with the elephant?

I will bring him home. Assuming I reside in a spacious residence with a sizeable yard, I intend to construct a dwelling for this elephant and will take him for walks. I hope the world will embrace my new companion. Regrettably, the elephant might find it challenging to make many friends in Bulgaria. However, I’ll assure him that he can forge friendships with anyone he takes a liking to – from the tiny mouse and the stray dogs to the flower vendors on the street. It is all up to him to carve out his place in the world. I will do everything within my power to ensure his comfort and will pour all my love into caring for this elephant. There’s one thing I’m certain of – my son Boris will relish having such a companion and will show him as much affection as possible.

What is the biggest assumption people tend to make about you — be it wrong or right?

I’m not sure what people think about me. A friend once remarked that everything seems to come easily to me and that I appear to be very lucky. In truth, I invest a considerable amount of effort into everything I do and strive to step out of my comfort zone daily. I might not be as sociable as some might think – the times I cherish most are those spent with my family or immersed in a good book.

What do you love most about working in agency recruitment? 

Every day feels like a roller coaster ride, full of highs and lows that keep me on my toes. The regular rush of adrenaline is exhilarating—it’s become an addiction for me.

What do you like least about working in agency recruitment?

I relish every moment of working at an agency, including the challenging times. They teach me to be innovative and maintain consistency in my efforts. The tougher the times, the greater the effort I apply, and the happier I am with the result.

What do you most value in team members?

Honesty is crucial for me. I find it challenging to work with people who are not open and honest about their feelings and moods.

What is the most overused or overrated thing that recruiting pros believe about themselves?

The assumption that they know everything is incorrect. The reason for this is that we have access to many industries and we generally have relatively good knowledge about them. Recruitment is an ever-evolving field, which requires one to continually learn and stay highly responsive to the latest trends across various industries.

What is your current state of mind as it relates to the current state of recruiting? 

In these times, when budget-conscious employers may be hesitant, the necessity to demonstrate the value of agency recruiters in team-building becomes even more compelling. It reaffirms the critical importance of our profession, even amidst challenging economic conditions.

If you could have dinner with any two famous people, dead or alive, who would you choose?

Arnold is certainly someone I would relish the opportunity to meet. His discipline and consistency, coupled with his unwavering faith and boundless curiosity, set a remarkable example. Another fascinating figure is Steve Jobs. Despite his flaws, his confidence and success are undeniable. His complex personality intrigues me; he may have had a reputation for being difficult, yet he remained immensely charismatic. He’s yet another instance of a charismatic leader embracing his imperfections.

Most important question: What’s your go-to karaoke song?

I’ve realized that karaoke isn’t for me. Being the focus of attention doesn’t appeal to me when I’m uncertain of my abilities—I’m no singer, although I jokingly suspect I might have been a rock star in a past life. Nowadays, I’d prefer to craft my song and captivate others with original lyrics rather than adhere to a predetermined script.

Finish this sentence: Mariyana is…

Mariyana is too many things to be described in one sentence.:)

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