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As the IT sector in Bulgaria navigated through the dynamic landscape of 2023, marked by notable shifts and challenges, a noticeable transformation in the market’s landscape emerged. Observations drawn from both client and candidate interactions shed light on significant trends that have shaped the industry’s trajectory.

Working Remote or Not?

One noteworthy trend has been the recalibration of work dynamics within companies. While the era of COVID-19 underscored the feasibility and advantages of remote work, an apparent trend toward reintegrating employees into physical office spaces has surfaced. This transition has evoked a spectrum of responses from job seekers. Some have seamlessly adapted their routines to remote work and are hesitant to revert to office-based settings. In contrast, others express eagerness to engage in regular on-site collaboration with colleagues. Notably, hybrid work models, offering flexibility and choice to employees regarding their work environment, have demonstrated optimal efficacy. This equilibrium allows individuals to leverage the advantages of remote work while facilitating in-person interaction as necessary.

The Bulgarian IT Landscape

The Bulgarian IT landscape experienced a seismic impact from the United States Banking Crisis earlier in 2023. The repercussions were felt acutely among local start-ups heavily reliant on American markets. Moreover, outsourcing firms faced substantial client losses from the United States, leading to downsizing and reduced hiring activity due to project scarcity. However, a shift in strategy among outsourcing entities toward diversifying their client base to encompass markets in Europe, Asia, Africa, and Latin America gradually revitalized the employment landscape. This strategic pivot resulted in renewed job openings as fresh projects flowed in.

Furthermore, a discernible shift in industry preferences has emerged, steering focus toward domains such as cloud computing, IT security, and artificial intelligence (AI). Organizations are increasingly seeking professionals specializing in these domains, indicating a sustained trend likely to persist in the forthcoming year.

Notwithstanding the economic turmoil, certain sectors within the Bulgarian IT realm have flourished. Industries like gaming, telecommunications, and e-commerce have witnessed expansion, primarily fueled by the escalating demand for their services in an increasingly digitized world post-pandemic.

Why Technical Skills Alone are Not Enough?

Another pivotal trend pertains to the heightened emphasis on automation, digitalization, and analytical skills. Proficiency in these areas has become pivotal for job seekers seeking to remain competitive in the market. However, an intriguing shift has been observed in hiring practices. While technical expertise is fundamental for professional competence, an increasing number of employers are recognizing the immense value of specific personal attributes in potential hires. This recognition extends beyond the confines of technical proficiency and underscores the significance of innate qualities that foster adaptability, resilience, and an innate curiosity to learn and grow continuously. Candidates demonstrating adeptness in leadership, a keen inclination for ongoing self-improvement, and a well-honed emotional intelligence are increasingly sought after, often becoming key determinants in the hiring decision-making process. Employers are increasingly inclined to invest in individuals showcasing these attributes, confident in their ability to cultivate and enhance technical skills within the work environment.


The Bulgarian IT sector, despite encountering a measured start, has demonstrated commendable adaptability and resilience in responding to market dynamics. Anticipating a promising trajectory, the industry is prepared for growth and evolution in 2024. For aspiring IT professionals, embracing an open-minded approach, a readiness to acquire new skills and technological proficiencies, and a willingness to adapt to evolving standards will unlock an array of compelling opportunities for professional development and success.

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